Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Prayers Like Bird Song

It was something that came to mind last night, if God loves to hear us talking to him as much as we love to hear bird song? If our prayers are like bird song to God, except He can hear each note and know the heart of each singer, then wouldn't it be grand to 'sing' to Him all throughout our day? I know this is a bit of a reach to express, but really it has gotten me thinking.

When I listen to birds singing I can imagine that our prayers as we go about our day are like those songs - but because God knows our song and note and us as the singers it is even more special and powerful. Then I really got to thinking about those times when the birds are not singing - when they are being still and listening - could it be those times for us that we are silent listening to the whispers of the Holy Spirit?

As the created beings of a Creator, we not only come with prayers of petition and intercession, but also joyful praise. Having Luke around gets you thinking about that aspect of God, and the Trinity, even more. He sees a bug, and wonders at how it came to be, he sees a flower and marvels that it is so beautiful. He joyfully splashes in puddles, plays with his animals and trustingly curls up in our arms at night. He talks to God, sings to God and that is such a blessing to behold.

When I get caught up in being a 'grown up' the birds and Luke remind me to sing, laugh and stretch my wings to enjoy flying - not the destination or the goal - but the actual flight with nothing but flying and singing in my heart. It is good for the mind, body and spirit.

Bird Song Prayer

Simple notes, sung by small birds,
Carry like prayers up to the heavens.

God listens to each and every note,
Knows each and every heart
Of every singer who has ever sung.

Simple prayers, sung by small children,
Carry like dandelion seeds up to Heaven.

God listens to each and every word,
Knows each and every soul
Of every little singer who has ever sung.

Silence, still and waiting, in our hearts,
Light or heavy, like a touch from heaven.

God knows each and every heart,
Speaks into each and every soul,
Of every spirit He created.

We wait upon Thee
Hearts, minds and bodies.
Birds, little boys and me.

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