Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Poetry Link Up Wet Wednesday

Tears fall down, hearts break.
Hands reach out, find empty.

Souls cry for relief, He hears.
Hearts broken, He heals.

Promises broken, too human.
Harsh words said, so sorry.

Washed clean by His blood.
Heaven bound by His sacrifice.

Human but crafted to be holy.
Broken but beautifully so.

Sparrows not forgotten.
We, forgotten neither.

Welcome to the poetry link up for today!  I hope you have something to share.  Would love to see your faith poetry here, new or old!  Visit the posting poets, leave them some love and write on, brothers and sisters, write on!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chilly Wednesday Poetry

It is a chilly Wednesday here.  The plants and the animals are awaiting spring, but winter is still holding on with a chilly hand.  How are things where you are?

Join us today for our poetry link up. Old or new - all poetry of faith is welcome.

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Bright blessings!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Poetry Wednesday!

Welcome brothers and sisters to our poetry link up for this week.

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day Late Link Up

Today is Thursday.  Wednesday is our poetry link up.

This is our Day Late Link Up!

Two poets have shared their hearts, and I want you to visit them.

Please be blessed by visiting:

Dawn at Beneath the Surface


Pam at In the Shadow of His Wings

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Bright blessings!

Cut Flowers

Cut flowers. I never wanted them.  I told my husband I'd rather have a tree than cut flowers.  Why?

They die.  They were cut from their stems and they sit on my table and they die.  I hated that.

Until last Saturday that is.  Then a very beautiful sister in Jesus shared something amazing with me.  She shared how there are things in my life, my marriage that could be treated like cut flowers.

She said, and forgive me if I got it wrong my dear, cut flowers are made to be beautiful. 

Cut flowers require constant care.  They need food. They need water. They need light.  They need love.

Cut flowers remind us beautiful things need to be nurtured.  They need attention.  They need a lovely place to live.

God made some flowers to be cut and shared as bouquets.  Not everything has to stay rooted in the ground.  Sometimes a lovely thing can give up it's roots and go where beauty is needed but cannot grow.  Like in the winter. Like in the city.  Like in a kitchen.

Cut flowers.  In my relationships, in my family, some things are still rooted. Some are cut flowers.  They need more from me, and they give, in return, so much beauty and love.

They don't just get cut to die.  They get cut to die beautifully, and as we care for them we understand love, care, grace, peace and surrender.   We have to let them go back to the soil at some point.  That is their sacrifice.

This is not altogether different from the sacrifice of Jesus is it?  He left Heaven to come here, cut off from His home, His place with God.  He came for us. His sacrifice was the greatest of all. And he did it freely. For us.

 I will never look at cut flowers the same way again.

(I am doing the Respect Dare with some wonderful ladies.  I thank God for them!)