Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Poetry Link Up Wet Wednesday

Tears fall down, hearts break.
Hands reach out, find empty.

Souls cry for relief, He hears.
Hearts broken, He heals.

Promises broken, too human.
Harsh words said, so sorry.

Washed clean by His blood.
Heaven bound by His sacrifice.

Human but crafted to be holy.
Broken but beautifully so.

Sparrows not forgotten.
We, forgotten neither.

Welcome to the poetry link up for today!  I hope you have something to share.  Would love to see your faith poetry here, new or old!  Visit the posting poets, leave them some love and write on, brothers and sisters, write on!

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  1. Hi Shanyn! I am sorry I have been MIA- I will link up with something new next week! ;)