Friday, November 20, 2009

How God Made The World...And Stuff...

I don't know about you, but I have never really thought about 'how' God made the world.  I know seven days, I know what for each day - but not the how.  Have you?  Well someone in my house has been thinking about it alot, and the other day he told us all about it.

Luke turned 4 this summer, for context, and has a very interesting way of thinking and viewing the world.  He believes with his whole heart that God is the 'Greatest Worker' ever seen. Can't argue with that.  He has this intense desire to know not just what something does (lately the question starts with "What does/do ________ usually do?") but HOW it does it.  Not good enough that a transmission makes a vehicle drive, but how does it do that.  So I shouldn't have been surprised when he started telling me about God's construction company.

"Mama, did you know how God built the whole world?," Luke inquired taking off his boots and coat at the back door.  Looking down at his serious face I answer, "Uh I never thought about it, how do you think He did?"

Arms fling wide, eyes open large and I hear, "With a hugest biggest construction company ever seen with Jesus driving the bigger mixer truck and the hugest dump truck.  God gets to drive the big loader or the big excavator."

And the tale went on how they, along with their 'holy workers' constructed the whole world, and that they even painted all the colors on everything.  I was amazed at how his mind works, I never thought of how God made the world, but leave it to Luke to picture the Holy Construction Company at work.  No wonder I love talking with him, he makes everything look different just by running it past his wonderfully crafted mind.

Later that night, when we were saying our prayers (known at our house as talking to God) Luke told me about God and Jesus painting sunsets and leaves, and how they stirred the sky and oceans to make clouds, storms and whirlpools.  His faith in the world around him, and his joy at each discovery being something special humbles me and gives me great joy.

He believes that God's shop is run by someone almost as smart and strong and 'fix anything' as his Grandpa.  I'm only too happy to agree, because you see, after hearing how he 'sees' things I too want to put on the Lukey 'wobble goggles' and view it from his angle.

I am so thankful for the blessings of my family and my friends and for the created, wonderful world around us.  I humbly pray that I can be a good and faithful steward to them all.  Thank you God for Earl and Luke. Amen.

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