Sunday, April 11, 2010 she comes...

Bath time is over, pajamas are on.  We've had our teeth brushing and Daddy hugging, it is time for bed.  He crawls under the covers, a big smile on his face, "Mama, it's time to talk to God!" and as I kneel down by his bed she comes.

Her eyes are old and wise, sometimes full of trouble but mostly love.  She comes on quiet feet when she hears those words.  She sits down beside me and rests her head on his bed and makes not one sound as he sings his prayers.

Now I lay me down to sleep...and we get to Amen.  She sits so still as he starts, "God bless Mama and Daddy...Thank you God for...I love you all the time."

Only then does she lay down to listen to the stories of the night - nature, fun, Biblical for little ones.  Matters not as long as she is there for the prayers, for that time with Him and him.  She and I touch, brushing against each other in our love for this little boy, growing into a big boy.  This child who sees God everywhere, and is joyful for each discovery and mystery.

Only she is not an attentive aunt, or sister, or even a Grandma.  She is an 11 year old Border Collie named Sparkie.  Her old eyes shine when she hears him say those special words.  I do not know much about where our dogs come from or their previous lives.  As rescue dogs we are thankful to have them here with us alive and safe.

We can learn from them though, they will tell us things about their lives.  I know one of her and her brother's owners passed away and the other left during a day, and never returned that night.  We learned this because they are calm when we return in daylight, and go from worried to excited when we return after dark.  They had love and prayers in their home.  They know the name of God and even as animals, His creatures, honour it.

There are over 100 animals named in the Bible, some more often than others. Some only a singular time.  Some had special interactions with God's people. From the animals in the Garden of Eden to the donkey who stopped Balaam in his tracks because only she saw the angel, to the whale who obligingly took Jonah on his journey.  The lions who calmly accepted the commands of the Holy Spirit to leave Daniel alone, to the animals who stood in awe and humble wonder at Christ's birth in their stable.  There are others, but these ones always told me one important lesson.  All of God's creatures matter to Him, each one knows Him and His spirit and touch.

So Sparkie comes to my son's room every night to hear him pray because she knows the special touch of her Creator's Hand.  And I am humbled, I am stunned, and I am calmed...if she a small old dog can sense the peace of God during a small boy's prayers, then I can rest in that place also.  I can trust the donkey stopping on the road, I can trust the calmly resting lions, I can lay down with the wolf amongst the lambs.  I can rest in Him who gives me the blessings of the day, and takes my worries and cares away.

Which of us is the least of us?  A wise old dog? A faithful child?  A prayerful but all too human Mama?

Photo note: One of our favorite things is to make hearts with our hands and then 'frame' a person, and tell them "I'm holding you in my heart."  I think of God holding all of us in His heart when we do this game, it reminds us of the all encompassing love that is His, that is Holy!


  1. Thank you for this. This is the first time I've read a Christian blog and I look forward to reading more. What such great insight you have!

    God Bless!

  2. A touching, vivid reminder of the important things in life, and our place in the scheme of things! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. What an amazing dog, one that our Heavenly Father is speaking through! Blessings to you and all your family (including the fur friends)
    Love in Christ,

  3. Wow, this is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your link with me on FB. I'm glad I followed that link!