Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I am grateful to God...

"I am grateful to God ... when I remember you." -- 2 Timothy 1:3

Who are you grateful for?  Who makes you thank God for their presence in your life?

When we say our prayers we say, "Thank you God for________."

When I lay down at night I try to remember people in my prayers, and I remember why I am grateful for them.  

They bring me laughter

They pray with me.

They are friends from afar whom I've never gotten to hug, yet.

They are family who should be closer.

They are new friends, old friends and friends barely met.

They are the kind strangers and angels.

They are scar givers, wound healers, life changers and squeegee boys.

Thank you God, for all who read this far, and start to think of those whom they, too, are grateful.  Find in us a worthy heart to see, feel and be thankful for the things you give us daily.

Share with us, those whom you are grateful for today, so that we too may thank God for their presence in your life and through that in ours.

Be well and be brightly blessed, always and in all ways...and I'm grateful for YOU!

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