Friday, June 10, 2011

Backwards: sdrawkcaB (Five Minute Friday)

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Five Minute Friday: sdrawkcaB (Backwards)

Shirts on backwards.  Happy little faces playing happily in sand with toys beside them.  Dogs chasing barn swallows and not balls.  People who said they's always be close are working far apart.  Little boys showing Mama the way by their faith.  It's so very backwards.  He teaches me.  Isn't that my job?  His faith, his knowing the Fruits of the Spirit, his willingness to pray and live walking daily holding the hand of Jesus.  He teaches me.

We live we work we play we pray we do life backwards so often that we don't even notice.  We don't notice touch of God in the out of the way places and we see His mercy in the mess.  It's backwards this grace filled life.  The grace is in the mess.  God doesn't want us arriving home in perfect condition, He wants us worn at the knees, washed in the heart and arms perpetually bent to carry each other.  He wants us to do this backwards.  

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  1. "The grace is in the mess."

    Love this! And I totally agree, my kids teach me so much. :)

  2. Thanks for coming by Melissa! :-)