Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Free to breathe

Inspired by the hymn writers, poets and psalmists of another era, and in celebration of those who write still today, we are going to be doing a poetry link up here. Starting next Wednesday Strawberry Roan will be home to faith based poetry.  

Everyone will be welcome to link up to their work, new or old, and I encourage you to visit the links and leave some encouragement for each other.

Today's poem, to start us off, came to me last night. 

Free To Breathe

The world is built on pressure. 
Gravity keeps us held down.
Jobs, family, expectations
keep us held tightly too.

It can be hard to breathe.
Feeling the tight chest, panic.
Too little, too much, too soon
and sometimes way too late.

Sin weighs heavy when the
devil lies and we believe him.
Sin crushes us, a weight that
is not ours to carry alone.

We hold on too hard to the
things this world promises.
We let go of the gifts that
come with no price tag.

We sink back, and wait to die.
Our spirits weigh heavy in us.
We fall to our knees and pray.
We wait for judgement to fall.

Holding our breath, we wait.
Yet when we trust in Him
we can fall back and learn
to breathe the freedom of grace.

Free to breathe, free from sin.
Free to breathe, free from shame.
Free to breathe, past the pain.
Free to breathe, costing only faith.

Fall deeply into grace, all the way.
Let grace cover your face,
fill your mouth and nose, eyes and ears.
And find there you are free to breathe.

Souls find space, spirits find the sun.
We can breathe in freedom.
We are redeemed, free to breathe.
A second chance called grace.

Copyright 2012 Shanyn Silinski


  1. i love your poems, they are very inspirational to us as chriatians, i pray that God may bless you such that you come up with more of these

    1. Joel, thank you for stopping by and leaving your thoughts. Also for sharing here, and on the FB page. Bright blessings!