Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Poetry: Here Comes The Rain

We have rain, blessed rain, which means we have storms.  Sometimes scary storms. Powerful storms.  Storms that God brings us to, and God brings us through.

How are your storms this spring?

Link up your poetry of faith here...and be blessed!

Don't forget to stop by and visit those who shared, and leave them some love. Everyone needs love!


  1. Reminds me of "Bring the Rain" by Mercy Me. God Bless!

    Encouraging Thoughts for Life

  2. I guess I am the first to add a faith poetry. Let me know how you find it.

  3. Hi there! I have some links, but they're on my other pc that is out of commission at present :( I would like to post one though, penned by my daughter, inspired by the Lord... (i have to go fetch it as well... so I'll leave me a note to get back here! Blessings and Shalom mystic mom, I enjoy your blog <3

  4. Thank you for this opportunity. I have not written poetry since I was in high school. I wrote two poems this week.

  5. We've had some just-right rains this spring, and we are so thankful.