Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Resting in Battle

Exodus 14:14

14 The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

In a duel between swordsmen there are rules.  In battle there are supposed to be rules of engagement.  

The devil does not recognize or respect these things.  There is no 'sword down to rest' signal when you are in battle with him.  And as Christians we believe the lie of the world that says, "In the middle of battle don't rest. Don't stop."

It is a lie.  A huge lie.  Why?  Because God will battle for us.  Indeed He commands us to be still and He will fight for us.  Many times in the Bible the battle is won for us by God.  Not by us for God.

Think of it this way - when we are in a struggle, in a battle, when we are under attack, it seems like the worst time to catch our breath.  We think there is no one to step between us and our attacker the devil.  We are wrong.  God promises to battle for us.  

I was speaking to a dear friend today who is in the middle of some serious spiritual attacks.  She is literally, and figuratively, in a downpour.  She knows she needs to rest. To catch her breath. To pray. 

She is not quitting.  She is not giving up.  She is letting God fight for her while she stands still.  While she rests.

This blog, and my others, has been silent for a while.  I've been catching my breath.  I've been resting.  I've been battling and God has been battling for me.

For the first time in months, literally months, I feel I can write again. I can share with you all.  It feels good to be back.

Be still.  Mouths. Feet. Hands. Minds. Spirits.  Be still.
Pray.  Let God fight for you.  Fight in your place.
Let God fight and let Him renew your body, spirit and mind.

When someone is embattled, encourage them. Pray for them. Be there for them. Let them rest.  Don't let them quit, but don't deny them rest either.  The more we feel the need to fight, the more we need to obey God and rest.

Proverbs 21:31
The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the LORD.

We can be prepared. We can be girded.  But the victory belongs to God.  He wins it for us.  Victory rests with the Lord.  Always.  Always.

Are you in a battle today?  Is tonight the night when you feel you can't go on?  Then brother rest. Sister rest.  God will not abandon you.  He will fight for you.


  1. Seems like so many are going through battles lately. I reposted on my blog and facebook. Hope all the proper credits are there. Thank you and glad you are back.

    1. Donna Marie - thank you for sharing and reposting. Bless you sister. And I'm glad to be back!

  2. Oh, my goodness,'re a prayer warrior. This is such a perfect and timely reminder. Thank you fro being led by the spirit!! Amen. ♥

  3. Fantastic! I've had to do a lot of resting lately :)

    1. Thanks Mel, I've had to do a lot too. So good to know God fights for us even when we need to rest! Thanks for coming by.

  4. Girl, this is one my favorite verses... Exodus 14:14. POWERFUL. This is a beautiful post. It soothed my soul today. Thank for you your honesty and reminder... it landed. Be blessed, sweet friend.

    1. Carey - so humbly glad that the Holy Spirit soothed you today through these words! Bless you my dear.