Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Picked last, chosen first

Matthew 25:40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Remember school? When you were lined up, captains chosen by the teacher, and they took turns picking members for their teams. I knew that was my sign to get comfortable.  I would be last picked. Every single time.

It wasn't that I was the worst player. It was because I was not popular.

I didn't even know how to be popular.  If I had wanted to, I don't think I could have been.  

Remember being a parent?  Being in university?  Those friend groups where everyone was with everyone all the time?  Ever felt like you couldn't fit in to one of those groups?  Never been asked, or included?

This is not a statement of bitterness, but of truth.

I am not a cute group Mama.  I tried.  

In life, with human beings, in human built social circles, we may be the ones who are picked last.  Even in church groups, or in Christian social or academic settings.  

Being picked last can feel bad. It can suck.  Having another person place your value on that scale is unfair.  Human nature dictates that we do this.  Social structure. Culture. Pick your group label, stick it on. 

Feel that pull on your skin?  Feel uncomfortable?  That not fitting in feels strange.  It should.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world

Guess why we shouldn't care if we are picked last?  Because God chose us first!  He chose you, He knitted you in the womb. He fell in love with the idea of you before there was a you.

He died for you.  He doesn't care who on earth picks you.  Or when. First or last. Or never.

That group, club, clique, Bible study, retreat or even Facebook group doesn't matter a whit to God. You do. You matter. You matter. 


So, yes, we do want to be included. We want to be wanted.  We are social beings.  It is healthy to have fellowship, friendship and social contact.  Instead of fretting about being picked relax. Know you are chosen.

God will ensure that you will be where He wants you to be.  Sometimes we can sense Him moving, and other times it is a surprise.  God loves us.  

Sisters. Brothers. Stop fretting. Stop stressing. If you don't fit in here, you are okay.  If you are picked last by people, it is okay.  You can rest on the promise that God chose you first.

A special message for those inside those oft envied groups - I challenge you to ungroup and unglue.  I challenge you to consider how your ministry and your message can be heard further if you unglue the group.  We'll talk more about unglued groups later on this blog.  I invite your thoughts, from either side. 

I am blessed to be friends with some amazing people. It is a blessing to find people who 'get you'.  But we often struggle more to find them than we do to create them. Second challenge - create those places for people because you who have been picked last know how it feels.  Create places for God's children, the He chose first.  

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  1. Good word. A reminder we need to keep reminding to one another, I do say. Some-days I am good with the fact, some days I just long more for heaven...and some days I just get mad at my brothers and sisters...those are days I have to pray real hard for grace to make it...and not fake it. Sweet encouragement, Shanyn. Thanks for sharing. Got sidetracked BUT then finally got over here to read.
    Hugs, My Canadian sister!