Thursday, January 2, 2014

Why I don't ask why

Jo Ann and the lovely Voice Bloggers are talking today about 'why' at Jo Ann's blog. Join us for the link up after you are done reading here if you like! 

I almost always get in hot water by asking too many questions. More often than not when someone says, NO my response is why?

No one likes that, but sometimes it is good to ask ourselves why we answer things the way we do. Is it a well thought out no or a knee-jerk no or a 'I don't know what else to say' no?  Maybe it is just NO - no way I'm going there!

When it comes to God I think sometimes I need to investigate the why a bit deeper. I love being able to rest on Him, and on my faith. That solid rock is what I cling to and what I reach for when I get into water that is too deep for me to walk upon.  

But I think I need to seek His will in the why and put that into action in my life. It is well, and good to rest but we also need to be faith in action. We need to put the boots in the stirrups and saddle up. We need to move knees to chest people! We need to speak using our out loud voices and risk being heard.

We need to be the answer when the world asks WHY. We need to be the WHY NOT when they wonder about being selfless instead of selfish.  

I used to ask God why. I used to wonder why things happened, or didn't happen. Then a time came when there was no 'why' but instead I asked 'what would You have me do?'

I started to grow deeper faith roots, stronger faith wings and a bigger heart outside of my own need to know. Sometimes we don't need to know. God doesn't want us knowing why when He wants us to be doing.   We can spend a lot of time sitting and talking about why or why not, and be distracted from doing.

Distracted from praying. From reaching out. From being present for someone. I learned that when you ask 'why' you have opened the door to the question 'why not'.  I have also learned that when I say, instead, What would you have me do? I am seeking guidance for action. And sometimes that action is to be still, and let God fight for me. Be at peace, let God work. Pray, surrender and stop mucking about!

Have you ever tried to fix something when someone is trying to help? When they don't know what you need, or haven't asked?  You want to smack their hands and say, Sit still, I've got this. or  I will let you know when I need your help.  Neither response really endears you to them, after all they are usually really trying to help!  But when I learned to say, You being here encourages me, thank you. and Thanks for offering to help, it makes it easier with you being here. Then I found myself understanding things a bit better in my walk with Jesus.

We cannot run ahead, shouting, LEAD ME LORD! and say we are following Christ.  If we are shouting, crying or chanting WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY we can't hear an answer. We can't hear a thing. And the devil wins another round in the battle to distract us.

There are thousand (okay maybe a dozen) why questions I could ask God right now. Right this minute! And like a loving parent who knows more than I do, He would be right in saying because I have plans for you. 

God has plans for you. And they won't change with the volume or frequency of our questions as to the why. Nor will they be any less, or more, than His will. What we do while we wait is where the blessings are found!

Why didn't the dream job happen? Why did the "I'm ready to go where you lead Lord" get answered with "stay"? Why did the I can do this ministry become "You aren't the right fit for us"? So many whys - why is this winter so danged cold? 

The 'dream job' may be the one I'm doing right now.

The place to be is in the now, where He is blessing us. Where if we were looking elsewhere with longing hearts we could be missing something amazing.

The ministry wasn't right for me - or for them. And it is all about Him, and He knows best.

As to winter, I don't know. It's just cold.

So instead we work on the doing, the being. Praying. Loving. Being present. Asking what we can do. Doing what we can. 

Jo Ann Fore


  1. Thank you for your thoughts, Shanyn. I like your encouragement to be seeking what does God want me to do right now."So instead we work on the doing, the being. Praying. Loving. Being present. Asking what we can do. Doing what we can." This is very powerful and very true. Thank you for blessing me with this tonight.
    love to you,

  2. Oddly, I find the word action seems to mean "Busy-Less". Yes that's the right word, everyone seems busy, but less and less is getting done. We have made action a sacred cow in the church, so schedules are filled, days are never ending and yet we seek not the face and path of God. Its like praying with no bible study, It looks good but misses the point.

    I am so glad that you are centering on the true path to depth in God. For action as you put it will and does always lead to finding our true place in the World. For being salt and light first comes from knowing the Saviour and then knowing your place in His plan.

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  4. I find myself saying, when I finish reading one of your blogs, "Oh, it's Strawberry Roan, I love her blogs!" Same thing happened again this morning. I don't consciously choose your blog, I'm just reading the blogs. Forty years ago my Aunt sent me a small plaque that reads: "A contented man is one who enjoys the scenery along the detours." Thanks for this week's response to 'why'. meg

  5. Love this Shanyn, I can read the passion in your thoughts. Keep going sweet sister, you are on your way!!

  6. "we cannot run ahead saying LEAD ME LORD and say we are following Christ". Wow. That is the quote of the day and something for me to think on for days to come. Thanks for this post :)