Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dear Lady in the Truck

Ephesians 6:18
And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.

I was in Wal-Mart today. And no this isn't a story about someone dressed for their trip. This happened in the parking lot.

After gathering my purchases I went back to the truck. I was organizing myself for the next half of my work day when something caught my eye.

It was a lady next to me. In a pick up truck. Having one of those phone calls where it feels like if you gesture and point hard enough the other party will get it. 

I couldn't hear her. I didn't need to. I have been in her seat many times before.

Trying so hard to explain something so important to someone who either can't or won't listen. 

Her frustration radiated out of the open truck window. Her gestures ranged through the spectrum of making points to waving off arguments. She held her head. She face palmed. She held her phone up to her face and shook her head. 

What did I do? What we are all supposed to do - I prayed. I took some time and I prayed there for that lady. I prayed that God would have her words be heard, her crisis be handled, that she would know Him in a real and personal way. That she would feel comforted. 

I prayed for her. I prayed for me. 

I have been there. Only last week. Being yelled at. Trying to be heard. Being completely shouted down. Trying to do my job. Sigh

I have been her. And if you are honest you have too.  We all have. 

I wish I could have told her things would be okay - but I didn't know they would.

I wish I could have told her I understood - but I didn't know how.

I wish I could have given her a coffee, some chocolate, a hug - but it wasn't the time.

I am so glad I did what I did. I prayed. And I trust that God heard my prayer, and that woman's heart and day were touched by Him. 

It always bothers me when people say, There's nothing to do but pray now.  

It should be, First thing we need to do is pray people. Who's with me?

The most powerful and amazing thing we can do for another person is to hold them up in prayer. 

Yes it was easy to pray for a stranger in a parking lot. As much as I related to her, it was rather tidy. Anonymous - me and God. Not so easy to pray for the person who only days ago was yelling at me. Nor for the person who choose to yell at me the following day. Not so easy to pray for someone when they are making YOUR day harder. BUT THAT IS WHAT WE MUST DO.

So here I sit, and I am praying for forgiveness for my reluctance to pray for people who are all up in my grill and working hard at making the day difficult. (Yes, there are people I am sure that wake up feeling like: today is the day I ruin another's day)

Dear Lord,

Please give me a prayerful heart. A heart that will hold up the difficult and hurtful people as easily as I hold up those I love and strangers I pass in my day. Forgive me for not praying as quickly for the challenging people and situations as I do for the easy to be thankful for times. 

Thank you Lord. For the blessings of today. For the things that make us stronger and for those things which pass us by.


Who are the hard people in your life to pray for? How do you pray for them? Can we pray together?