Friday, June 25, 2010

The Book of Praise, With Music

Yard sale, dusty boxes, stacks of treasures, the smell of put away long ago and now...and we search, dig and laugh...

Treasures at our fingers, dusty or musty, vintage or junk...treasure is where you find it and I'm ever curious about looking inside covers of old books (not always a super nice treasure is found but that story for another day)...

I love books, old books especially, books of faith, books that share the Word in different ways.  This one is a special treasure.

You see, the gift that it is to me somewhere further down the line, it started as a gift for two years of perfect Sunday school attendance.  Two years and what a treasure this book is.

Enjoy the photos of the pages, verses and brightly blessed as you enjoy this treasure with me...


I love the verses of this children's hymn...A song which even angels can never, never sing; they know Christ as Saviour, but worship Him as King.  How wonderful, how amazing is that?

Oh yes please, let my heart be one of those who are counted in the rejoicing!

And at the end of my prayers, and my life I do wish to be welcomed at Heaven's Gate, His child!


  1. What a beautiful and uniquely formated blog!I LOVE old books as the ones pictured here I sense a Holy Reverence...Our salvation is amazing beyond words...thanks for sharing with me..YOU are a blessing! (:

  2. how cool! Old books are great, but old Christian books.... now that is extremely special. I have a collection of old Bibles and prayer books that have blessed me so, so much. Thank you so much for sharing your special book with us, and what it means to you....