Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gifts and Grace

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms
— I Peter 4:10 (NIV)

Whatever gift he has recieved - oh I feel blessed with many gifts in my life, but which gifts do I have that can be use to serve others so that I may faithfully administer God's grace?  What a challenging place this single verse puts me in.  Are gifts things we are good at doing or are they how we are as we share our gifts?

Gifts can be so many things, and I know each one of us is blessed with many Gifts and all are equal to God, because He gave them to us!

I am a creative person, I am a joy seeker and I try to be a faithful steward to my land and my animals.  I believe God has graced me with skills to communicate and with a spirit that seeks so that not only may I seek Him but also encourage others to seek Him also.  

It, sometimes, seems hard to know.  I've had people say, you have a real gift for_______, and I'm immediately thankful for God's gifts to me  and I pray that when I use them I am doing so to Glorify God.

I'm also a broken gift, like the legend of the cracked pot which carried little water to the village but because of it leaking water it watered the flowers on the path.  Those flowers made the laborious journey of carrying water a walk along a path of beauty.  I don't mind being a cracked pot, after all it is the cracks that let God's love and light shine though.  

God has given me gifts that let me see and express beauty and grace, His beauty and grace, through words, art and photography.  I am humbled when my words touch someone because it is only through God that I have words at all.  Sometimes I feel my gifts are small, that they might be too small.  But nothing is too small to be used by God to minister to His people.  Whatever form your gifts come in, I pray that you are able to be thankful for them. because they are not only gifts from you but gifts to you.


  1. I love your heart... and mine resounds with yea and Amen! Thanks for sharing!... It blessed me.

  2. Your words (as always!) are a balm. I think we sometimes spend too much time trying to differentiate what our 'spiritual gift' is and what our 'natural talents' are. When, as you say, really, it is a matter of taking every gift God gives us and using it, as God gives opportunity, to bless and lift up those around us, in the Body of Christ. I think when we seek Him and seek His opportunities like that, the 'gift' that pours out of us is a unique, Spirit-given blend of the gifts and talents that we have been blessed with. Thank you for sharing *your* unique blend of gifts with us.