Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Can I ask you a question?

God is so amazing!  Our Heavenly Father blesses us with not answering us when we demand it.  He blesses us with making our own discoveries and finding our way to Him.

I never would have noticed this before I became a Mom.  To a son who questions everything and wants to know not just the why but the how and the what if...

He doesn't have the maturity or the experience to really grasp the answers I could give him.  So I give him what I know he can understand to help him grow.  I don't overwhelm him and I try to be loving even when I've got to be strict.

I could answer his every question to my own personal level of knowledge but that would be CRUEL and WRONG.  He is a child.  He cannot grasp the things I can.

Oh how wonderful God is that He doesn't give in to our demanding, endless questions with a overwhelming knowledge.  He gives us what we can handle, when we can handle it.  No more, no less, not too early and never too late.  He knows perfectly what and when we need.

As a Mom I can in a small way appreciate that.  I don't  need to know.  Where is the faith in that? Where is our serving of grace?  Where is the love?  I need to have faith.  I need to have heavenly love.  I need to be given the answers I can handle.

God, knowing our questioning ways and our stubborn natures,reaches us through our need to know.  We are taught to seek Him in His word and find our way to faith through grace.  We are to seek faith, hope and love.  We teach our children the same - what a wonderful example God gives us!

God, your daughter thanks you and as a Mom I thank you for the example and the blessing.


  1. I do believe (as you have discovered) that God often helps us understand HIM more by allowing US to be parents, friends, and creators ourselves. God is very good.

  2. Kat - thank you for stopping by and for your comment! You are right, God is VERY good!