Sunday, May 8, 2011

Reaching 600

Happy Mother's Day!  

I was thinking about that while I was writing in my gratitude journal.  My blogging friend Ann Voskamp has so many inspirational links and printables on her blog if you check them out at A Holy Experience.  Her own journey to 1000 and more inspired me to start my own gratitude journal and to make some as gifts.

So I'm writing in my journal, purple cover embossed with the word CREATE and I'm looking at the numbers rising higher and higher of all that I'm thankful for.  All that I'm grateful for.  Almost 600 items, and looking back on them I see how they paint a picture of my life.

What does it mean to save the moments and to recall those things?  It means that when I see blank walls and feel welling tears I have almost 600 things to look back upon and say, Thank you Lord! about! It means one day in the future my son will get that book, and his own we started this spring and see all the little joys which made for great joy in our lives.

It's more than a list of gratitude now though, it has favorite verses listed front and back and a note to my future adult son letting him know about his little book from Mama.

It is the words and the reminder that God is the perfect author of hope and that through faith and love and grace we can find things to be thankful for even on the gray, hazy and sad days.  On this, an imperfect Mother's Day, celebrated by a most imperfect Mama I'm grateful for so much.

Do you gratitude journal? Feel free to share some random items!

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