Thursday, July 7, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Gratitude

The Gypsy Mama has another great prompt for her Five Minute Friday.  Take five minutes and type, no editing or critiqing or tweaking.

Time's A Ticking...Gratitude

I'm at almost 800  in my Gratitude Journal.  It amazes me that I can have so many things in my life that bless me and that I am able to sit down to record them.  Flowers and birds, laughing boys and the help of friends.  Husbands coming home safely and so many wonderful little things!

What am I grateful for?  Everything!  Even when I'm not sure what is is I'm thankful for I know with confidence that God has a plan for my good and His Glory!  That means I truly have reason to be grateful no matter what!

The angry days, the arguing days, the hot muggy humid days - yes those days!

The laughing, giggling, creating, sharing, loving and serving  - oh yes those days!

The fast getaway on a rocking horse days, and the days where nothing goes right - those days too, although a bit more quietly!

The getting it done, making things happen, taking names and kicking down doors - those days are challenging too because I need to remember the Source is NOT me!

With one minute left, gratitude is what we have left when the day is done and all that is left is the Thank you Lord for...and gratitude is what you have when  you get past the moments, through the tears and into the sunshine.  From the eyebrows down angry faces to the smiling and laughing loving the Lord faith of an almost 6 year old.  For them I'm grateful, for this all I'm grateful.

Humbled and grateful.  Awed and grateful.  Washed clean and saved by grace. Grateful!


  1. Grateful no matter what -- I want that to be me too. Loved these words of yours!

  2. Thanks Jamie! Bright blessings...

  3. We do have to be thankful for everything!