Friday, July 29, 2011

Still...A Five Minute Friday

The challenge, write for five minutes, no more and no less. No edits, no going back. Add links and images after.  Five free minutes with no editor - really?  No perfection, just heart pouring out and sharing by linking up at The Gypsy Mama to share and read other Five Minute Friday posts.  

Today's prompt: Still

7:55 am. Friday.
I look outside.
No breeze. No wind.

I listen to the house.
Air conditioning rumbles.
Little boy plays on his bed.
Computer hums.
Be still.

Mama reading her Bible.
Reaching deep for the waters.
Reaching deep for the grace.
Praying for His touch on her.
Soaking it in, still.

Note books, devotionals, guides,
study Bible, pens,
gratitude journal.
Blessed still.

Holding my breath,
waiting for something.
Not sure what.
Can I breathe?

The rush of the day,
pants at the door.
Waiting to devour me.
I pray for patience,
for saving grace.
Waiting on Him - still.

Dances to "Rise Up"
as only a little boy can.
Shouting his love for Jesus
as only a little one can.
They seek Him still.

Waters rest. Frogs rest.
Birds rest. My heart rests.
We wait for the whisper
the promise of being here
with us.

Still I love Him.
Still I seek Him.
In Him I can
be still.
In Him
I can

8:00 am. Coffee is hot. Still.

Poem copyright Shanyn Silinski 2011


  1. Awesome post/poem. I love it! Thank you for sharing today. Here from Five Minute Friday!

  2. Thanks Mary for coming by...bright blessings!

  3. I am amazed at what can come from just five minutes, thank you for sharing.

  4. Thanks for coming by...bright blessings!

  5. Love it! I love the 5 minute challenges, keeps me focused. Beautiful poem!

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

  6. Thanks Mel! I'm trying to write more poetry again, and this one just worked :-) The five minute challenges are really good. Bright blessings!