Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Berries, frogs and bird song

Watering my plants tonight, the rains we got were not enough. The lawn is crispy and brown, the plants wilt waiting for a drink.  I let the water flow, sprinkle on them.  Let them drink it up.  I start to think about watering our lives and the blessings we can miss by looking for easy fruit.

My raspberries are thorny and tangled and hide beneath their leaves wonderful, blood red fruit.  The best berries are not out waiting in the open for picking!  They hide, among the thorns, under leaves and in the back by the warm stucco wall.  Looking for them takes patience and along the way  there are other wonders to behold!  A snake, hunting, in their branches, pauses by my hand.  The bees, checking for the last sweetness, buzz by. The ants feast on the final fruit of an older cane.  The birds rustle in their nest and a fledgling tests her wings near by.

Blessings are like this too!  How many blessings do we miss being busy with the busy of life?  How many do we think we are going to find waiting for us?  How many are in line for coffee or flying outside our window or playing in the next room?

I was feeling really frustrated and low about some things someone said, feeling they said them in love, and I didn't understand.  I felt I was being judged and found lacking in some human, social, people person thing.  I really confused and hurt.

Fleeing to my garden I started to water, first with the hose and then while the sprinkler ratcheted it's way around the garden I reached into the almost empty rain barrel and pulled my watering can.  Waters sloshed around the bottom weakly and I went to toss it on the lawn.  What slipped out was a very tired little tree frog!  I picked it up and let it rest in my hand.  When I went to let it go, it crawled up my arm and held on.  Have you ever seen the perfection in the toes of a frog?  We spent a few moments together, and I could feel God smile!  If He made me okay for His creation then I was okay!

Good enough for God and the critters!  Knowing in my heart that this frog was my blessing in the moment I let the hurt go, I let the confusion go, I let it all go.  I held on to God.  I held on to the bird song, the trusting frog, the rescued dogs and the waddling pregnant cat who showed up.  I held on to my loving husband and precious son.  I held on to Him who blessed me with wildflowers, bird song and love.

Don't miss your blessings by looking for them in easy to access packages!  There are eagles flying over head, are you watching?  There are hummingbirds following you, can you hear them?  There are tickles and giggles to share, are you ready to let loose?  Remember past the thorns, stiff canes and sneaky leaves are the bright, sweet fruit of blessings!  They aren't meant to be easy, but they are meant to be found!


  1. Beautifully written post, Thanks for Sharing! I just popped by from faithful bloggers! I'm a brand new blogger meeting new friends! Now Following!! Blessings to you!

  2. I love the mental image you paint with your words. I'm always finding analogies in the garden; many answers to life's questions can almost always be found in the garden. God bless you :)

  3. Cornelio, thank you for stopping by. Bright blessings, looking forward to seeing your blog.

    Debbie - thank you for coming by and sharing your thoughts. God did start things in a garden, so I find it quite natural to find Him there!

  4. I'm always so surprised by how calming watering the plants can be. It's like God puts us there each day to calm us and speak to us. I know I can easily miss the rewards because of the prickling of getting to the fruits. Well done my friend!

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

  5. Mel - thank you for coming by and the blessing of your words. :-) I love watering my plants too...my jasmine is blooming and I go just to smell it!