Friday, August 12, 2011

Digging Up Seeds

We plant seeds in order to grow something new and in that growing we have to trust.

We have to trust what is happening we cannot see.

In the garden or flowerbed, when you plant a seed do you dig it up to see what it is doing?  No! You'd likely kill it.  We plant seeds and let them grow.  God asks us to plant seeds.  He does not ask us to rip them up to see if He is doing anything!

My life, your life, my testimony or yours - are you digging up your seeds?

Slide on over to Matthew 13 - read about sowing seeds. Read about harvesting.  Read about good soil and poor soil.  Read about weeds.  You won't read about digging up seeds!

When we share the Gospel and live God's grace we are planting seeds.  Our words, our love, our caring nurture those seeds.  The soil, the condition of the listener's heart, is God's domain

Think of it this way - where do seeds grow best?  In darkness, with water, soil, heat and patience.  Does not matter if you are planting oak trees  or seasonal grasses.  Seeds do not grow well when they are disturbed.  Neither do the spirits of people.

Plant the seeds.  Be faithful to those who need encouragement, water them with love, shine on them with grace but don't disturb their growth.  Don't dig in their dark places, where the growing is happening, leave that to God.  

Pray for discernement in your nurturing and love. Be faithful and prayerful.  Don't be high pressure, poking the ground, don't be judgemental, seeing what that seed is doing already and don't expect that just because you helped in the sowing that what you reap will resemble you!  Our witness is to glorify God.  Not us. Not a pastor. Not a faith leader.  God!

The seeds that are sown will grow into what God designed.  God loves the wildness and beauty of His creation.  What do we do?  Grow places, people and learning that looks the same, needs to be the same and rejects much that is not the same.  

We are, when we get caught up in the gotta be more like me or gotta be more like our church, creating a GMO (genetically modified organism in the plant world) version of faith.  It conforms.  It is expected to grow the same, harvest the same.  Look and sound the same.  We start ministering to ourselves because it is safer.

God never asked us to dig up His seeds!  He never promised safe.  He promised abundant, eternal, everlasting, gracefilled and redeemed.  God wants us to plant, and tend but leave the dark growing, budding and bursting through to life in His Holy Hands.


  1. Awesome post! I love good honest inspiration from our Lord and His servants!

  2. Thank you so much for coming to visit, and for leaving your comment. Bright blessings!

  3. Thank you so much for your post. We can do our part to encourage one another, but there is some work that only God can do! Thanks for reminding us of that!

  4. Deb - thank you for stopping by, and you are right! I'm blessed to have you here encouraging me with your comment. :-)

  5. How perfect: "He does not ask us to rip them up to see if He is doing anything!" I think we're on the same track, you and I; thinking along the same lines :) We already know He's at work - we just have to sow the seeds He supplies then stand back and let Him do what He does best! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave such sweet comments - God bless you!

  6. Debbie,thank you so much for coming by. I love and appreciate your comment. I too feel we are on the same track :-) Bright blessings!

  7. Very well said! So true and it can be so very hard when we are waiting to see what is going to grow... Patience is not one of my virtues :) I want to know what's going on! I want a plan detailed and laid out before me. And I want the instructions on how long it's going to take and where to plant and when to water :)

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

  8. Oh Mel! Such hugs for you...I'm that way too. God has a way of making me wait for seeds, and then surprising me with blooms from seeds I had forgotten I planted! He is taking care of the things we cannot see so we don't have to - I'm learning to rest on that, and let go so He can do what He wills for us. Keep sowing seeds, keep watering and tending them with love and prayer. God is eternally faithful!

  9. Love this blog. We may never know about some of those seeds this side of heaven :) Blessings, Barb

  10. Barb, thank you so much for your comment and for stopping by. I hope you can spend some time visiting the other posts as well. Bright blessings!