Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Battle That Comes - Poetry

Once again we are joined by Rev. James with a moving poem about the battles we wage.  Won't you share your thoughts, and link up your own poetry to share? Bless you!

The Battle That Comes

There is a Battle ahead,
It is not waged with guns or bombs on some distant battlefield.
Instead it is waged in the hearts of us all.
The weapons used are apathy, lusts and despair.

The enemy is old and cunning,
He does not attack us with fierce offences.
But rather he gives us what we think we want.
For his fangs inject deep and the poison takes years before it destroys.

Our General and Lord doesn't shout commands or orders,
Nor does He hide behind lines of helpless victims or solders.
Rather He calls us to gather together.
Then He goes and fights the war.

There are no worries or concerns of His defeat,
For written in the long history back we see that He has already won the war.
So wake up all you soldiers of Christ.
For the battle that comes is waged by the same Christ, that is within you.

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