Friday, June 1, 2012

Sailing Lessons

A while back I wrote a poem called Get Out of The Boat on my poetry blog.

I am still working on it, this getting out of the boat and walking with Jesus on the water.

It isn't easy.  The boat is filled with well meaning people who offer all sorts of seemingly sound advice.  They may even offer their prayers.  But what they are not offering is a hand to walk out in faith,.

Why?  Why?


I wish I knew.  Maybe their own doubts hold them back and that encourages them to hold everyone else back?  Maybe their desire to be safe is greater than their fear of the water?

What God has been impressing upon my heart lately though is this:

Get Out Of The Boat!

You know the story, right?  If not, refresh yourself here at Matthew 14:22-33

A friend of mine wrote a book, against a lot of advice from people in her church, advice that would have denied a lot of people access to God's wisdom spoken through her.

A number of acquaintances are seeking to find truth in strange places while they stay safe on the boat.  You can, for example, read all the Amish books you want.  You can simplify your life.  It will not make you Amish.    They too, are people seeking God.  In their own way.  But God`s way for them may not be God`s way for you.

You may try to appear in a certain way.  Speaking in a certain fashion, perhaps.  This helps you appear wise.  Calm.  Godly.  Passionless.  Dead.  

SAFE on the BOAT!

Lukewarm on the boat.  In the middle rows.  Not at the helm, not working the mast.  Not on the rudder or rowing. Sitting and watching some fool stepping over the side. 

Brothers and sisters...can I ask you for something...

When someone gets out of the boat, even starts talking about it, cheer them on!

Shout some prayers of encouragement!

Remind them to focus on the face of Jesus across the waves.

It isn`t our job to keep them in the boat when God calls them out of it!

I would love to hear your stories of getting out of the boat...share them with us in the comments.


  1. Starting my blog was my getting out of the boat experience. I felt a need to be more active in sharing my faith. A few days later, I was in a teacher workshop that taught us how to create a blog for the classroom. It was almost like God was showing me a way to connect with lots of people. Some said I was crazy. Some said it would cause problems. But I did not care. Great lesson here. God Bless!

    Encouraging Thoughts for Life

    1. Derrick - thanks for sharing. So glad you got out of the boat!

  2. "You may try to appear in a certain way. Speaking in a certain fashion, perhaps. This helps you appear wise. Calm. Godly. Passionless. Dead. "

    Writers need to listen to these words.

    Writers like me.

    Thank yOU!

    1. Duane! Thank YOU! Bless you my friend for your comment, and thank you for coming by.

  3. So wise my friend...Always inspirational! I hear your shout...thanks! (: Wanda G.