Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Grace abundant

When the daughter turns away grace is abundant.
When she has the babe and shares months later grace is abundant.
When the boundaries for safety and sanity are stepped back from grace is abundant.

Grace is abundant in tears of hurt and frustration.  Grace is abundant in times when it hurts with 'might have beens'.  Grace is abundant when prayers and mercy come hard and the only thing to do is love.

No sense in wasting love in anger nor is there time to be lost feeling the ache of 'what if'.  Grace flows abundant in tears of fear, pain and joy.

What if she came tomorrow or what if she never comes.  What if we never see or hear more than what we dream of and pray.  Grace stays abundant. Grace stays. Grace.

No one earns it.  Not one is worthy of it. And yet it rains down abundant upon us all.  When the cloak of it all is love and the love is woven in grace then grace is over, under, around and through. 

In the breath that catches.

In the wish that dies upon silent lips.

In the words that never fly spoken.

In the heart that reaches and reaches.

Grace calls us to love. Grace calls us.  Grace calls.  Grace.

She knows who she is, and while she may never read these words God knows they are my prayer for her, for the babe, for them and our families.

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