Friday, September 9, 2011

in real life

Five Minute Friday
Five minutes of writing, no edits, no second thoughts, then you stop. Five minutes. Got it? Go! real life...

In my real life there are no commercial breaks and no one looks like some sort of model.  Unless we are a model for dog hair, muddy faces, wandering cows, or elbow deep in fresh salsa!

In my real life I work, play, love, laugh, freak out, get frustrated, try not to succumb to hate and I pray some more and then I pray.  In real life we miss Daddy and love summer. In real life family and friends are what you have and you make of them what you can because that's what God blessed you with.

In real life I'm a little crazy and that's okay.  In real life I'm so not in control but God is. And that's okay too. That's more thank okay, that's the way it should be!

In real life I should be asleep hours ago and instead I'm sadly wide awake.  In real life I'm just one Mama loving one Daddy and one Boy.  In real life I wish I had five more minutes to tell you how much better real life is than fiction! 

In real life there are real dreams, real poems, real tears and fears, real faith and real miracles. Real blessings and real friends. In real life there is more than a sound bite.  In real life the dogs bark silly and the boy dreams wildly. In real life I leave the dishes on the counter and in real life I'm okay.

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  1. "and in real life i'm okay." yes, thankfully! thanks for the sharing this friday.

  2. Yes, how true! Love your last paragraph. ;) This post made me smile. Bless you!

  3. Love it and I agree!
    Thanks for this post and linking up.

  4. A fictional life would be too boring wouldn't it?!

  5. Hope - so glad it brought something to you!

    Kris - it pleases me that I was able to give you smiles.

    Brooke - Thank you, and thank you for stopping by.

    T.C. - when I write fiction is has to be more boring, no one would believe this is real! (Mark Twain was right!)

    Thank you all for coming by. Bright blessings.

  6. Love these Five Minute Fridays. Love reading how each person takes different twists with the same theme.

    Thanks for sharing your words and your heart.

  7. Amy - thanks so much for coming by, and for leaving your encouraging words! Bright blessings!