Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sunny Day Poetry Link Up

Friends! The rain here has stopped, the birds are singing and it is sunny, and I dare say warm! After the frost warning, and freeze, last night I am so thankful for a warm, sunny day. What are you thankful for? Share your poetry here, giving thanks or offering prayer, it is open to all faith poetry! Bright blessings!


  1. Dangerous morning, outside it's storming. A tropical storm, this is not the norm. Come afternoon, ever so soon. Sunshine breaks through, then we start anew.

    Facing the storms of life, dealing with pain and strife. Soon I will look above, and take comfort in His love. Wiping away my tears, I know I've nothing to fear. When this life is done, I'll take rest with the Son!

    Just a random thought for the day. God bless!

    Encouraging Thoughts for Life

    1. This is very poetic, thanks for sharing Derrick!