Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Finding My Voice

This is something new, a 'rolling' book review, inspired blog series and conversation I hope you will join in on.  My friend Jo Ann Fore has written an amazing book that I am honoured to be on the Launch Team for!  I invite you to see it on Amazon, and get ready for it's October Release.  In preparation for it we are reading and sharing.  Instead of doing a single post of 'book review' I believe that this book's message is important enough for multiple posts. Follow along on Wednesdays as we discover our voices again!  If you follow on Pinterest or Twitter check out "When A Woman Finds Her Voice"!

Now that our introductions are done let me share something with you - this book is no quick read.  Finding your voice is hard work. But it is work well worth the effort.  This is a journey, alongside some amazing women who have found their voices and their way through to the healing.

Today reading through my review copy I found this gem: 

"I am the ultimate “Serenity Prayer” failure. Not a fan of accepting things I cannot change."

Well didn't THAT just smack me right in the memory banks!  To a time when my voice was not shushed but slammed shut by someone who believed her view was the only view, and therefore the right view.

"Only fools trust God. Or anyone but themselves.  Don't accept what you can't change, if you can't find a way to change it or manipulate someone into changing it you are a fool."  I can still hear her voice, and see her angry glance at the framed plaque on the wall.  How could something as important as a prayer bring out such a response?

As a young believer the first in my family this was savage.  I ached to trust. I longed for it. I wanted to share that faith in God to take care of what I could not.

The gift of this book - and we are going to be talking about a few of them - is that Jo Ann and her contributors know the pain of being invisible and voiceless.  They also know the power of finding what God wanted you to have all along - a voice!  Strong, confident, vibrant and faith-filled.  Your voice.

One of the reasons the review of Jo Ann's book will take me sometime is that I am doing the work you will be doing when you use this book!  This is no quick skim review.  I am testing the waters.  Going to go deep.  

Now, of course, you can't do the book without the book but I am praying this will give you some time to prepare for getting your hands on it.  And to prepare for doing the work.  This journey is one of the few you will unpack to take!  And it is AMAZING!

See you back here next Wednesday for another peek behind the covers of When A Woman Finds Her Voice.

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  1. Awesome I love the rolling book review concept! Thank-you for walking this journey with me because this book truly takes you on a healing journey!

    1. Thanks Amanda! So glad you are on this journey with me as well! Bless you!