Saturday, March 3, 2012

Trust is the issue

Titus 2:10  "and not to steal from them, but to show that they can be fully trusted, so that in every way they will make the teaching about God our Savior attractive."

Are you having trouble with trust?  I have trust issues.  I trust too much, or I trust in the wrong ways at the wrong times.  God asks us to trust though. To trust each other. To be trustworthy. To trust Him.  He expects us to act in a manner that shows faith and trust in all we do.

I discovered something the other day, in a conversation with a friend in ministry, that disturbed me deeply. She said she couldn't trust, even her sisters, and she felt she had to hold close what was 'given to her by God'.  I was so sad for her.  What a burden to bear alone.

But I don't think she is alone, nor is she entirely without cause.  Our churches, our missions, our very denominations have a long and checkered, even bloody history, of stealing trust. Of being untrustworthy.  Of taking for their own what belongs to God and the brethren.  (Brothers and sisters that'd be us!)

However...that is not reason enough not to trust.  Jesus advised us to be wise, crafty even, but He never said don't trust.  Instead He told us be trustworthy.  Trust worthy. Worthy of trust. Worthy of being counted on. Worthy of giving a piece, an acre, a bucket or a page of someone's work to take it to somewhere new for the glory of God.

So hard. So very very hard.

 I made this. or did I?  

This is MINE! or is it?

Trust me with your child. Trust me with your fears. Trust me with your need for an intercessor. Trust me with your money.  But can you trust me to use my gifts, that God blessed me with, to make your ministry greater?  I wonder why it is so hard to trust each other, when really, and you gotta admit at least this, WE ARE ON THE SAME TEAM HERE!

Team Jesus. Team God. Team Faith.

Team Grace.

Team wearing jerseys covered in the fruits of the spirit, in the armor of God, in the definition of love from God's own hand.

Can I give you my God filled dream, and trust you to work side-by-side with me to make it like the walls in Nehemiah?  Can I?   Can you?

What is the downside then? If we don't trust?  We don't grow. We don't transform. We don't show God's love in the deep, ugly, still raw and hurting places.  We hand over victory to the devil and tell the world they shouldn't trust us either, after all WE DON'T EVEN TRUST OURSELVES AND EACH OTHER!

Oh how I wish you could see that I am saddened to the soul about this and not angry.  I'm not laying blame, but am asking for ownership.  I believe we all can be given trust and be taught to be trust worthy.  Little steps at a time.  Baby steps like the disciples who had to learn it all with an incredible hidden deadline looming over them.  Jesus was patient and forgiving.  Can we be?

Brothers and sisters, it is not often I challenge you. But I am going to do just that.  We are in Lent, approaching Easter when the biggest gift was given to us.  Here is your challenge:

Trust your brothers and sisters to be a part of the vision you have for sharing God's word. For spreading the Good News! For those cities on hilltops and lamps on stands.  

Trust one another with small things, and move on to great things.  

But start trusting!  

They want to sing - let them sing! 
They want to share - let them share! 
They want to serve you by carrying a burden - let them carry! 
They want to pray - let them pray!

If someone wants to be a part of your work for God, consider that perhaps God is the one who sent them to you...

170 times the Bible talks about trust...can you try one more time?  


  1. Oh, so rich. Trust keeps coming up and probably will always for me as a SA survivor. I am sure you know that...but thank God for his grace which is the healing salve, yes? Beautiful words, call and challenge for we who believe, Shanyn!

    1. As a survivor I too know the challenges of trust, and I feel the sting of not being trusted and not being given a reason. So wonderful that you stopped by and shared...bright blessings!