Monday, March 26, 2012

A Willing Lord

Luke 5:13, Matthew 8:3 and Mark 1:41.

These verses all have one thing in common of all the verses in the Bible.

They are the only ones where Jesus is asked if He is willing to heal someone.

They are the only ones where Jesus answers, "I am willing."

I read the passages, re-read the passages, did a phrase search.  Came up against the unspoken willingness of our Lord to do so much more.  Jesus said three times, "I am willing."

And what, besides healing that one mane, did He so willingly do?

Everything His Father asked.
Everything we needed to be redeemed.
Everything, from the first moments of time.

He did it willingly.  With free will. Choice.  Of conscious thought and decision.

<--------------------------------------------pause here to ponder---------------------------------------->

We are in the Easter season.  The season when Jesus was faced with the weight of being willing for us.  When He faced the hatred of someone willing to do the right things, for the right reasons at the right time. 

He was willing not for glory.  That was His in Heaven.  He didn't need it from us.

He was willing not for fame.  Not to be a human king.  He was already Royalty.

He was willing not because we were worthy.  We were not. Are not. Our own human merits condemn us.

He was willing out of love and obedience.  Read that again.

Even at His last moments, He was willing, obedient and did His Father's will.  Even though He did ask if the cup could be passed, He acknowledged that it was not His will but God's that would be fulfilled.

So often we are willing, when it is comfortable and safe, and lose our courage when it is time for the 'rubber to meet the road'.  It is easier to let someone else be the 'Good Christian' and it is a conscious decision to be willing to show Godly love and grace.

In small ways first, I challenge myself and you, to be willing.  Willing to seek His will.  Willing to be fruitful in the fruits of the Spirit.  Willing to reach out when easy says hold back.  Willing to risk a hurt to show some love.  Willing to be laughed at for living and modeling grace.  Willing to say, "I am willing." to our Lord.

Make a list and jot down the things that are easy for you to do.  Then make a list of things you find difficult.  Pray upon them, asking God to show you how to be a willing and obedient child to His will.  I'll be doing the same.  On Friday I'll share how mine went, I hope you'll come by then.
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Luke 5:13 Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man. I am willing,” he said. “Be clean!”

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