Thursday, March 8, 2012

Woman of God

Proverbs. Titus. The Bible.

Examples can be found, treasures of character and grace, in the verses of the Bible.

God, from the beginning, had a heart for His daughters.  He knows us, so very well.

Sisters how well do we know ourselves?

There are quizzes and check lists. Which Biblical woman are you most like, they ask. The answer - all of them!

We are all mother, daughter, sister and friend - by blood or spirit.

It varies by day which one I relate to most, but it is wisdom when we can see we are them all!

Eve who questioned possibility when asked a tricky question.
Deborah who challenged the warrior, and Jael with her tent peg.
Esther a queen who risked it all to speak up against a wrong.
Tamar and Jeptha's daughter sacrificed for the pride of men.
So many others graced the pages of the Bible, with no name, but all played a part in the story of God's people.

The women (mothers, wives and daughters) who laboured on the walls with Nehemiah's men.
Those who fought, those who hid, those who fled and those who sought grace like the faithful Gentile mother.

We are those women today.  We have sisters all around the world fighting the same battles and bearing the same wounds.

Let us celebrate, and while we celebrate we should also pray. Pray for those who have a price for their life in goats, for those enslaved or imprisoned, those who are lost and those who have lost hope.

If you had a day for prayer for women, who would you pray for?  Please feel free to share in the comments...I would be honoured to pray with you for them.

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